RSW Units


The necessary machinery, including chillers, compressors, receivers, condensers and pumps, can either be installed as a single or several self-contained units, or as individual and separate components.

The machinery can be placed according to individual needs; in the engine room, a dedicated refrigeration compartment, under the shelter deck, in the bow of the vessel, or anywhere else where practical on board.

The pumps however, should be situated as low as possible.


The machinery is comprised heavy duty compressors of either reciprocating- or screwtype. The condenser(s) may be of shell and tube- or plate type. The RSW-chiller are constructed as a flooded shell and tube type evaporator; i.e. seawater to be cooled passes through the innertubes while the refrigerant evaperates on the outer (shell side) of the tubes, thereby cooling the seawater.

The electric panel includes motor starters of various type according to customer request, and the controls consist of either the traditional electromechanical type or the up to date PLC type with all vital parameters and functions shown on LCD display.

The water pumps for condenser cooling- and RSW-circulation system are included as standard items, and consist of end-suction design with the possibility of customer request for special design and materials. Drives can be either electric or hydraulic.

Teknotherm refrigeration equipment can be supplied with class- or works in-house certification.

Teknotherm RSW-units can be supplied to operate on various types of refrigerants such as the most modern halocarbon type or ammonia.