According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, air for breathing is one of the most essential human’s need. Without air in required quantity and of proper quality a human being cannot function well.

A well-functioning HVAC system is crucial for providing the crew and passengers with fresh, clean air of desired temperature and humidity. The efficiency and wellbeing of crew members, safeguarding the condition of valuable cargoes and the maintenance of machinery and equipment onboard are key contributors to successful vessel operation. Investment in the correct design, engineering, installation and commissioning of HVAC systems onboard will provide benefits throughout the lifetime of the ship.

Teknotherm’s HVAC systems

  • Ensure the best environment in areas where passengers and crew relax, work, eat and sleep
  • Provide the correct supply and treatment of air in cargo areas
  • Maintain required temperatures in machinery areas and provide air supply for combustion
  • Control temperature, humidity and air pressure in areas with sensitive equipment
  • Meet all international maritime regulations

Teknotherm is a complete HVAC system supplier for both marine and offshore. Based on the building specification, GA drawing and our extensive experience, we design and deliver the system with all equipment and accessories needed, do the startup and commissioning of the system and supports the ship with parts and service after delivery.

Our extensive knowledge about HVAC, combined with Teknotherm’s product and system knowledge about refrigeration, ensures a fully integrated system. It will also give you a single point of contact for HVAC, refrigeration and provision cooling for your project, all the way from concept phase to after-market.

Do yourself a favour: contact Teknotherm for assistance at an early stage of your project.

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