Code of conduct

An important part of Teknotherms Code of Conduct is focus on Human Rights and decent working conditions.

As required in the current Norwegian Transparency act, Teknotherm Marine carry out a yearly “Due Diligence” in order
to identify and assess potential adverse impacts that Teknotherm Marine has either caused or contributed towards.

The results of this analysis, performed yearly for the period 01.01 – 31.12 and released within 30th June the following year can be found through the links below:-


Should you identify any specific contravention of Teknotherm’s Code of conduct or United Nations Principals on Business and Human rights, please contact Teknotherm immediately
Explaining when, by whom, and where the contravention happened.

This will be forwarded to the Quality Manager who will investigate further and ensure appropriate action is taken.

Here you will find Teknotherm Marine’s Code of Conduct