Service & Maintenance

Fast and reliable service – wherever you are

Teknotherm provides service on all types of HVAC systems and refrigeration plants installed on marine and fishing vessels as well as offshore platforms. Our highly competent service engineers perform a wide range of repair, overhaul and warranty work on all types of refrigeration- and HVAC-units.

We also provide conversion of refrigerants – sustainable with F-gas regulations, upgrades of electrical control systems with Teknotherm manufactured programs, laser alignment, and service on ammonia-plants, both pump circulated and flooded systems in addition to inspections and training.

Upgrades and replacement of compressor units are included as part of our services.

In our workshop we create tailor-made units with compressor, motor, pulleys, suction trap, oil separator, gauges and safety switches mounted on a frame, as replacement for old compressors with expensive/inaccessible parts.