CO2 Modular Chiller

Packaged indoor Module Marine Water Chillers, specifically developed for cooling of waterflows used for HVAC and refrigeration purposes. The units can be combined in a modular manner meaning that units can be replaced, added or removed easily leading to an increase in system flexibility and maintenance efficiency. The refrigerant used is CO2, Carbon Dioxide, a refrigerant with no ODP or GWP impact. The CO2 refrigerant is neither flammable or toxic and not subject to the F-Gas regulation.
A future safe refrigerant!


The entire refrigeration process takes place within the chiller unit while the cooling distribution is done by a chilled waterflow from the unit to the cooling demand. The excess heat is taken care of in a similar manner through a heated waterflow leading to an external air cooled dry cooler or a water cooled heat exchanger.
The CO2 compressors can operate in either subcritical or transcritical condition.


  • The units are equipped with a control panel, semi hermetic variable speed driven compressors and internal plate heat exchangers.
  • Casing can be made from painted Zink plated steel or stainless steel AISI 316L material.
  • Two cabinet sizes S/L are available. See next page for more information.
  • The units are delivered ready for commissioning.
  • The units are provided with its own control system based on Schneider PLC with Modbus communication possibilities.
  • The units can be combined by stacking them next to each other.


  • Maintenance is easily done through a front door that allows access to all internal components. All surrounding panels are removable as well.
    The units are easy to replace, thus maintenance can be performed elsewhere.

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