Vision, Mission and Values


In Teknotherm we like to set tough targets, and The Vision is established to give us something to stretch towards during every day at work. It motivates us to strive for improvement and look ahead to understanding the future, being up front of the rapid changes to ensure we and our clients are in the lead.

Working towards our vision we are confident that we will be the best partner for our clients to solve their present and future challenges, and ensure that we always are one step ahead.

"Teknotherm shall be the preferred HVAC & Refrigeration partner, providing our clients with the highest technical competence and the most competitive and innovative solutions"


Our Mission is a clear statement of what we can do for our clients and employees, and how we ensure to follow this trough.

"Teknotherm is a reliable partner in the global marine and offshore sector, offering high quality systems and services in the field of HVAC & Refrigeration."

"We aim to make our clients more competitive; by offering the best technical solutions for each individual project, and we continuously work to improve our competence, innovation, service and communication skills."

"Our greatest asset is our employees, and we aim to develop, educate and attract the most talented people."


Our Values are the foundation of our organisation, and they form the basis of every action and step we take with both internal and external. Our Values makes us stronger, decisive and ensures compliance even when the going gets tough.

Trust - Innovative - Knowledge - Accountability