Self-Contained Unit

The selfcontained cooling units are specially designed for marine application and are complete with compressor, condenser, evaporator and fan built together in a casing. All electrical wiring and refrigerant piping made. To be delivered with R-407c and R-404a as refrigerant. Designed as seawatercooled.

The units can either be delivered for duct mounting or be equipped with plenum chamber accessory.

The compressor is a welded type for 90MA004 and 90MA006, serviceable hermetic type for 90MA008 and 90MA012, and is equipped with suitable vibration isolators and filter drier.

The condenser is a tube-in-tube type with seamless cupro-nicle seawater tubes. For seawater use, the units are equipped with an automatic seawater valve for regulation of condenser pressure.

The evaporator coil is of direct expansion type equipped with thermostatic expansion valve.
The construction is aluminium plate fins mechanically bonded to seamless copper tubes.

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Product Description

Further, the units are delivered with el.board containing starter for compressor and fan motor and necessary terminal blocks.

Airfilter and thermostat are standard delivery.