Refrigerated Cargo Holds

Gill‐finned tube air coolers for natural air circulation
The air coolers are designed for mounting below the deckhead and operates by means of gravity (natural) air circulation.

  • Even temperature throughout the hold
  • No ducting is required
  • No electric installation required
  • No moving parts (fans, etc.)
  • Less de‐hydration of un‐wrapped or un‐boxed product
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Better working environment
  • Suitable for halocarbon, ammonia or brine systems
  • Simple‐, quick and low installation cost

Cargo holds Product PDF

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Standard coils for natural air circulation with the following dimensions:

Total length of the coil LT : 1370, 1970, 2570, 3770 and 4970 mm
Gilled length of the coil LB : 1150, 1750, 2350, 3550 and 4750 mm

Center distance between the supporting plate LC is 1200 mm on all coils, except coil with LB = 1750 mm,
where LC = 900 mm. This gives the follwing number of supporting plates for the different coil‐lengths:

Coil with LB = 1150 mm has 2 supporting plates
Coil with LB = 1750 mm has 3 supporting plates

The width of coil B:
6 tubes in width = 570 mm
8 tubes in width = 750 mm

Coil with LB = 2350 mm has 3 supporting plates
Coil with LB = 3550 mm has 4 supporting plates

The width of coil B:
10 tubes in width = 930 mm
12 tubes in width = 1110 mm

The height of the coil is appr. 103 mm.