Retrofit and Conversions

Are you sailing a ship with a prohibited refrigerant, such as R-22, or just need an upgrade at an old refrigeration unit? – Teknotherm can be your partner to resolve the situation!

We complete, together with your own experts, a genuine evaluation of your unit!

Based on our long maritime experience, we evaluate the unit’s original purpose, design and configuration and give you the most cost-effective and reliable solution for your particular unit.

Each unit is unique and requires its own conversion; that’s why Teknotherm becomes your professional partner economically friendly supplier of conversions/upgrades for your over age units.

We offer:

  • Full overview of your unit’s situation, based upon either your own provided data or a physical inspection – with a full report of the best and most economical/lifetime functionality alternatives.
  • An offer of the most contemporary upgrade that fulfills today and tomorrow’s requirements, while remaining a unit that fulfills its original purpose.
  • After mutual agreement the equipment and units etc. are delivered as required, installation occurs upon your request and we provide supervising and start-up of the new unit, all in accordance to your expectations.

Contact us and tell about your ship’s situation, and we will endeavor to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your situation!

Successful replacement units

Our Service dept. has its own workshop next to the production facilities.
On the premesis we are able to overhaul or repair almost any type of refrigeration unit.

Our most successful products are our custom-made replacement units. These are produced complete with compressor, el. motor, suction trap, oil separator, gauges and safety switches mounted on a common frame. These products serve as replacement for old compressors that are no longer available, or overpriced concerning spare parts.

Another advantage of choosing a replacement unit is a shorter standstill of the replacement unit after ordering, as opposed to completely overhauling the old unit on site.

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