Working with Navy project you need to be a financially strong company with a long perspective. The project can have many years of planning, discussions and tendering before becoming a firm project at yard.

Not so many companies want to go for these project as it will take a lot of resources in a bidding phase and it requires that you over time are building up a staff with highly specialized technical competence. These projects will not give profit in the short perspective.

There are several companies in the HEINEN & HOPMAN group that specializes in Navy project, and TEKNOTHERM are working hard to be one of them. We have gained the knowledge required, and we are cooperating with the other companies in the group for Navy projects. We are active on all types on Navy projects spanning from Patrol Vessels to CBRN protection and shock proofed equipment. Several of our factories are supplying specialized equipment for Navy application.

Please contact our experienced sales team for a discussion about your new Navy projects.

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