In TEKNOTHERM’s “Marine Business Unit” you will find one of the most competent HVAC & Refrigeration teams in the world.

Our focus is to provide a good system functionality along with compliance to applicable regulations and relevant international standards. We are continuously working to develop systems with better energy efficiency, improved functionality, easier operation and low maintenance cost – in combination with cost efficiency for equipment delivery and on-board installation.

We can provide you with detailed information of any HVAC products or systems and any Refrigeration products and systems. We have in-house all the competence you need, and the main products are manufactured in our 12 factories around the world.

We have close contact with yards, designers and ship owners to learn about what they need now and in the long run. Our experienced engineers use all this information to engineer tailor made systems and products to provide state-of-the art functionality and quality for our ongoing projects. Our R&D department also receive this information and are continuous thinking “out-of-the-box” to be one step ahead of the market, and release regularly innovative and attractive new products to the market.

The Teknotherm service organization is integrated with HEINEN & HOPMAN’s service organization, and from 32 locations we are ready to serve our clients wherever they take their ships.

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