Company information

Through history we create the future

Teknotherm has a history dating back to 1926 as a designer, contractor and manufacturer of high quality refrigeration systems. Our strategy today is to be the preferred supplier of HVAC- and refrigeration systems for marine and offshore installations.

Throughout the years we have worked in close cooperation with our customers, learning their needs and meeting the special requirements demanded by their respective industries. The experience gained, combined with use of modern technologies, has been incorporated into our products; and made Teknotherm a highly competent and reliable supplier of HVAC- and refrigeration systems for marine and offshore installations.

Worldwide business

Being a partner to, among others, the international shipbuilding industry, part of our strategy is to be where the customers are. Thus we have established subsidiary companies in Gothenburg – Sweden, Szczecin – Poland, Vigo – Spain and Seattle WA – USA – in addition to our Norwegian branch offices in Ålesund, Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø. Furthermore we have a well established network of agents and representatives in strategic markets all around the world.

Flexibility is our strength

Teknotherm has the capability to be your total supplier of refrigeration and HVAC systems. Our highly dedicated and motivated technical staff will provide you with designs, documentation, drawings, certificates etc. in accordance to various environmental, customs, quality, classification, authorities or other requirements necessary.

We have our own in-house engineering and production. We design and build custom-made/tailor-made units, as well as our own control systems and switchboards, we do installation work and have a service- and spare parts department that will follow up your installation throughout its entire life time.

Customizing our units in response to the specific needs of our customers has made Teknotherm a flexible company, able to rapidly respond to changes in need or requirement. Furthermore, we have an organization that is alert to the latest changes and requirements within the industry, enabling us to position our company on the front line of development.

To put it simply: Flexibility is our strength!