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Teknotherm has for years been a leading supplier of refrigeration systems to the world’s fishing fleet. Our wide range of products covers any kind of refrigeration installation onboard a fishing vessel, both for freezing or cooling the catch at sea. A typical unit for installation onboard a fishing vessel includes one – or several – of the following options:

Plate freezing

For those who need the product to be delivered in a frozen state, Teknotherm refrigeration units for plate-freezing can be delivered in any size required. Freezing the fish into blocks is an effective and economical method of preserving the product and our plate-freezers can be supplied as vertical or horizontal models, with a variable number of freezing stations and station sizes.

Air blast freezing

Teknotherm air blast freezing units can be supplied either for «Batch» or «IQF» freezing of the catch. Common for both systems is that they can be supplied for a number of different capacities; tailor-made to suit each vessel’s specifications.
In a Batch-freezer, the product to be frozen is placed on pallets or shelves, hung on hooks or similar in the freezing room, in which cooled air is being circulated.

In an IQF-freezer, meanwhile, product entities are frozen individually and rapidly on a conveyor system, with low temperature air being forced upon it, thus giving a naturally shaped product of the highest quality. Teknotherm IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) freezers are manufactured both as single-belt and twin-belt models.

Low temperature cargo holds

Every fishing vessel that freezes it’s catch, needs low temperature cargo hold(s) for storage of frozen products, although their specific needs tend to vary. Teknotherms aircoolers for cargo holds can therefore be supplied either for natural/gravity air-circulation, or for forced air-circulation.

Other systems

In addition to the above mentioned freezing systems, Teknotherm supplies units and systems for ice-making, special low-temperature units, brine freezing units, etc.

Refrigerant system design

The refrigerant system design may vary from dry expansion of the refrigerant, flooded and pump circulation-, to indirect systems.
For larger installations, the refrigeration machinery can be arranged as a 2 stage cascade system using ammonia (NH3) as refrigerant at the high stage (primary) side, and carbondioxide (CO2) at the low stage (secondary) side. Such arrangement may obtain system temperatures down to -50C and thus reduce freezing time and increase the freezing capacity.

Compressor models may be supplied as reciprocating- or screw type of single stage, or compound execution.
Whatever Your requirements are, we will provide the optimally designed unit to meet Your specific demands in the most cost efficient way.

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