If you are a ship owner with a Merchant Vessel new building project under design, you are probably very interested in energy saving initiatives. Fuel is one of the major costs for operation of your vessels, and choosing the correct HVAC equipment and systems can pay back the extra investment many times during the lifetime of the ship. For some projects the payback time can be as short as one year or less.

You are probably also interested in having a reasonably good quality on HVAC equipment to avoid malfunctioning and an expensive operation with many spare parts and extra cost for on-board service.

You will also normally be very interested in a global service network. As Teknotherm is a HEINEN & HOPMAN company, you will be able to receive service from all service points of the HEINEN & HOPMAN GROUP.

If you want to know more about our ideas for cost saving and a how we can do a fruitful European/Chinese setup, please contact our experienced sales team.

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