Refrigeration Offshore

Besides being a systems supplier, Teknotherm is also a product manufacturer. Our R&D department works continuously with development of new and innovative products specially designed for the offshore market.

Teknotherm has a long tradition of developing and designing refrigeration machinery of any kind. We have always used major global brands for main components like compressor, condenser and electrical components. By this quality focused process Teknotherm has built up as one of the strongest brands for refrigeration machinery in the offshore market.

We are in a time where business is changing quickly, and we are in a process of developing our product portfolio to the new applications, e.g. battery driven ships.

Some of our refrigeration products are manufactured in one of our 12 factories (HEINEN & HOPMAN GROUP), and some are provided in close cooperation with our carefully selected industrial partners.

Many of these products can be tailor made for your special application. Please contact us for more detailed information about our offshore refrigeration products.

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