Horizontal Plate Freezer

The horizontal contact plate freezer is ideal for block freezing
and preserving portioned products.

  • The products are placed into trays or freezing frames and these are slid between the freezing plates
  • Frozen blocks, flat and uniform, are easily stacked and stored
  • Minimal energy consumption, easy installation and low capital and maintenance costs
  • Rapid freezing preserves products quality and minimizes production time
  • Wide range of models

Horizontal platefreezer Product PDF

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Product Description

The all steel welded heavy duty framework is fully hot dipped galvanized for protection and is designed with hygiene in mind and the whole freezer can be quickly and easily hosed down if required.

Freezing plates
The freezing plates are manufactured from extruded aluminium alloy sections with internal passages for refrigerant. The freezing plate surfaces coming into contacts with the product are flat and smooth which ensures good contact for heat transfer and high standards of hygiene.

Refrigerant hoses
Flexible refrigrant hoses are connected between the freezing plates and refrigerant headers. The hose consists of a PTFE material covered externally with a double braided stainless steel with stainless steel fittings.

Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic cylinders perform the functions of opening and closing the freezing plates. The provision of twin hydraulic cylinders reduces the overall height of the freezer enabling it to satisfy the low headroom requirements of a fishing vessel. The cylinders will have stainless steel rods.

Anti-roll bars
Anti-roll bars, designed to retain freezing trays or frames in the freezing stations when plates are open, allow the freezer to be safely loaded and unloaded in the roughest of sea conditions.
Standard dimensions for marine execution.