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Tourism is growing continuously, and remote locations like the arctic- and antarctic areas become more accessible. These areas are dream destinations for many tourists, and cruise vessel operators are fighting to have the best ships providing the best customer experience.

Passengers on these ships are expecting full luxury cruise standard, enjoying the view of icebergs passing by their cabin windows while they are enjoying a glass of wine in a perfect indoor climate. For these projects the HVAC systems become one of the key systems for customer satisfaction. Our team has long experience with cruise ships, and we can design HVAC systems for the strictest requirements and your most demanding customers.

The average age of the ferry fleet is increasing at the same time as the customer expectations to a ferry trip is increasing. Requirements to HVAC systems for ferries span over a wide variety of functionality and quality, and each project needs special attention to select correct design for the purpose. Energy efficiency become more important and we have numerous products, systems and ideas that can make your next ferry project a successful operation.

Please feel free to contact our experienced sales team about design of HVAC systems for modern Cruise Vessels and Ferries.

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